Welcome to Subversive tech, We are glad you stopped by!

We have put together a support system that will allow us to support you 10x better than any of the hosting companies out there. We are not a full web host, so all we have to focus on is making sure you and your infrastructure are taken care of. Our core focus is providing the best customer support with the best technical advice.

We will log into your server no matter where you are hosted and fix anything that needs it. All of our admins have at least 3 years as a system administrator experience working with Linux operating systems. All of our admins are prepared to own your issue and get it solved as quickly as possible. When you buy time from us, you are not only working with 1 admin, you are working with our whole team. If the first admin has not identified the issue in the first 10 minutes, then every other admin on shift will be taking a look to move things along.

Our goal is to be the backbone of your server infrastructure. We allow you to work with us anyway that works for you. If you want our ongoing support you can choose one of our monthly support packages, or just buy hours as you need our services. We offer preventative maintenance as well as emergency troubleshooting. Don't wait days for your host to get around to your problem while you are losing money!

We really look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or needs feel free to open a ticket or Live chat with us at any time. If you are not sure if we can help, just open a ticket and ask and we will be more than happy to let you know if your problem is something we can handle!