CDN Services

Feel like making your site blazing fast? Need to lower bandwidth overage costs with your host? We can help!

If you are looking to keep your site as fast as possible, you can select from the ongoing subscription which includes CDN bandwidth, a monthly speed report, and the first site optimized free! Prices include setup on any major CMS. Custom setups may require additional setup.

Ongoing CDN subscription pricing:

10GB*    US & EU Datacenters Only $1.00!!

25GB*    US & EU Datacenters $5.00 Get started for $2.50!

50GB    US & EU Datacenters $7.99     Worldwide Datacenters $14.99

100GB    US & EU Datacenters $14.99     Worldwide Datacenters $31.99

250GB    US & EU Datacenters $24.99     Worldwide Datacenters $79.99

500GB    US & EU Datacenters $49.99     Worldwide Datacenters $149.99

1TB         US & EU Datacenters $99.99     Worldwide Datacenters $299.99

Need more or less? Need it custom? Open a chat and let us know what you need and we can get you a quote!

 And of course, this is supported by our top-notch support team! If you ever have an issue with your new CDN service, We are here 24/7 365 waiting for your call! Holidays included!

Need Livestreaming service with unlimited TB of Bandwidth? Only need the service for 1 event? Or only occasionally?  Let us know and we can help!




*Does not include full optimization, only setup; Special first month price for new customers only; US&EU datacenters only.