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Benefits of our Server Check up

Identify problems before they cause trouble

Improve Server Security

Improve Overall Server speed and performance

Improve Site speed and performance

Get a professionals opinion on your setup

Prevent Downtime and Outages

One of our experienced system administrators, will go over your server bit by bit to check things like logs, current running processes, current security practices, and also optimizable server configurations. We will make suggestions where you server can improve in security stability, and speed.

We will start the Check up, by joining a web meeting where our admins will share their screen and walk you through what they are looking at on your server. This gives you the opportunity  to see exactly what we are looking at and get immediate clarification on any questions that you may have about our findings. If you don't want to watch all of the checking, that's fine too. We can also do the checkup and create a report of our findings for us to discuss when you have the time.

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