Installing CWP is pretty straightforward. It is recommended to only do this after a fresh OS install, as the installer will replace many packages.

The base hardware requirements, is a 32-bit server, with at least 512MB of RAM, or a 64-Bit server, with at least 1GB of RAM, Both with a minimum Hard drive size of 10GB. CWP supports CentOS 6 and 7, RHEL 6 & 7, and CloudLinux 6 & 7

To install for Versions 6, You will need to SSH into the server, and run:

cd /usr/local/src 
sh cwp-latest

For Versions 7, run:

cd /usr/local/src 
sh cwp-el7-latest

If the download link doesn’t work then you can use the following links, Just replace the URL after the wget command:
CentOS 6:
CentOS 7:

It will take a bit of time for the panel to install, And then once done, It will display the MySQL/MariaDB root password. Make sure to save this in a safe place! It will also display the URL for you to enter into your browser to log in to the panel.

Reboot the server. Once it is back online, Go to the link to log in, from the terminal output. It may display an error, You can safely ignore this, And click the proceed, or continue button, which will take you to the login boxes.

Just enter in root as the username, and the root password of the server, and then log in. You should successfully be logged in to your new hosting panel!