Fully Managed Monitoring


Our fully managed monitoring solution, not only provides a watchful eye, but it also provides a response team to make sure you get back online as quickly as possible. If we detect a service down, we will take action to correct the issue on your server. We do what we can to correct the issue as quickly as possible. The first 15 minutes of troubleshooting is free in order to get the service back online. If further work is needed to make sure that it does not happen again you can authorize us to take a certain amount of time to investigate or we will request authorization if no extra time is set. Just keep your server credentials up to date in our system so we can access your server, and we make sure things are always available.

Monitored Services:.



Disk - RAM - CPU - IO


You will only receive notifications when something fails. If we have to take action to bring the service back online, you will also receive a summary of what was done and/or what will be needed to ensure stability. At times, we may request authorization if any extra work needs to be done to ensure the stability of your server.

Investigation Time Limit

The investigation time limit allows you to tell us how much time we can spend troubleshooting an outage before we contact you for further authorization. When requesting further authorization, we will send you the information that we have gathered in our initial investigation. We will provide a summary of the work we have done, and the work we feel is necessary to make sure this problem does not happen again. Our admins are able to correct issues in under 15 minutes 95% of the time. .

24/7 Monitoring Admins

Our trained and experienced admins are watching everything 24/7/365 so you don't have too. Our admins are ready and able to react to outages, quickly to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Our admins will communicate with your promptly and professionaly everytime!


Per Month for each server


Free Setup on your server

Server monitoring for vital services:


Server Monitoring on system stats

Disk Space, Memory, CPU, Load

Unlimited investigation for outages

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Monitis Monitoring

Monitis up-time Monitors allows you to keep an eye on your site and services from your Subversive Tech Control Panel, using graphs or listed views to check the stats on your site. You will receive real time, site down notifications as well as a daily and weekly report of your up time. With Monitis you can monitor a service for a specific response or a site for specific content. This will alert of us of any errors that might not be seen with a ping type monitor.





CPU, RAM, Load Average, Disk space

Custom Monitors






Up Time Monitors

Check availability and response time of websites, applications, cloud and hosted services with our easy-to-use tool. It is completely cloud based, meaning no software or hardware is needed. In just 3 minutes, you’ll be up and running with our round the clock uptime monitoring service.

Server Monitor

.Server monitoring service from Monitis protects the epicenter of your IT service. Get broad visibility over your servers’ health and performance. And because Monitis is cloud-based, you will be able to monitor all those processes at any time and from anywhere, saving you time and avoiding late night and weekend emergencies.

Full Page Load Monitoring

Monitis Full page load monitoring will track the loading times of your website from beginning to end. Keep your user experience optimized and improve ROI by monitoring the load times of each individual element of your page in real browsers