A server check-up is a process that we go through to ensure that your server is running at optimal levels. We dig in and check your server configurations to ensure you are running the best possible configuration for performance, security, and stability.

We want to make sure that you are aware of what is going on within your server, so we go Log diving to uncover any unknown issues on the server and bring them to your attention.  We look for things like mail issues, load spikes, hardware issues, coding issues, update issues, backup issues and sooo much more!

Security is a must, so we run a scan to check for any malicious files on your file system. We provide you the results in your check-up report and quarantine the malicious files on request.

Included Server Checks

Error Log checks

PHP log checks

Security Log Checks

System Log Checks

Backup Check

Software Version Check

Speed check

Disk Space Check

RAM utilization check

Load Check

*New customers only, 15 servers maximum per customer