On Cpanel, there are multiple options when it comes to filtering your email. Some are more complicated than others, but are all fairly simple to implement. Email filtering can be used in a number of ways. The most popular being spam filtering or directing mail to a folder based on the contents of the header or body of the message. Setting up filters, can help keep your inbox clean and free of unwanted messages. Let’s take a look at the Cpanel filtering options available.

Cpanel e-mail filtering options:

Global Email Filters These are filters that are applied to all of the email addresses within this Cpanel account. This is good for common spam that is reaching more than one of your addresses.

Email Filters This filter allows you to set the filters per email address on the account. Good for moving things into a specified folder or trashing spam.

Spam Filters This is an automatic spam filter using Apache’s Spam Assassin. Spamassassin uses a predefined set of rules and scoring to test the incoming messages. It tests all of your messages against the rules and each rule gives a score. Once that score reaches the threshold, the mail is sent to the spam folder. If that score gets to high, it will be discarded completely.

Box Trapper – This filter stops messages from unknown recipients and sends them a verification link back to prove they are human and the sending address is legit. This method can be annoying to the sender, but it does a decent job of keeping out unwanted emails.


The option that you choose really depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. If you want to direct messages to a folder, then Email filters will likely do what you need. If you are getting flooded with a lot of spam, then you may want to look into spam assassin or box trapper.

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