1. Locate the Softaculous App Installer panel in cPanel, and select the WordPress icon in the Scripts Slider.
      Screenshot of WordPress icon in Softaculous panel in cPanel
    2. Click on the Install button after verifying you have adequate space for the install.
      Screenshot of the install WordPress screen in Softaculous
    3. Enter the domain information:
      1. Select the Protocol to use. If your domain has an SSL certificate chose HTTPS.
      2. Select the Domain or Subdomain you want to install WordPress into from the dropdown menu.
      3. Directory: The install defaults to WP and will create this directory if not changed and will install in https://mydomain/wp/. To install in https://mydomain/, clear this field and leave blank.

      Screenshot of Where to enter domain, directory, and protocol for WordPress in Softaculous

    4. Enter a Name and Description for your WordPress Site. If you are planning on a multisite install check the box next to Enable Multisite otherwise leave this off.NOTE: If you are not sure if you need multisite, please follow this link to learn more about Multisite WordPress installs:
      Screenshot of Site name and description for WordPress install in Softaculous
    5. Enter the Admin Account information for the install. You will need this to login to your site.
      Screenshot of Admin Account creation area for WordPress in Softaculous
    6. Select a Language.
    7. Select Plugins to be installed with WordPress.
    8. Advanced Options Panel:
      1. Database Name and Prefix: Do not change these unless you are experienced with Databases.
      2. Auto Upgrade Settings: Check the box next to any Auto Upgrade options you wish to use.
        NOTE: Auto Upgrades may cause issues with plugins or themes if they are custom plugins or custom themes. It is still recommended for security purposes to auto upgrade your site.
      3. Backup Settings: Select the Location, Default is recommended, Frequency, and how many backups to keep at anytime.
        NOTE: Backups are highly recommended. Backups do take up space on your disk and count towards your storage total so keep this in mind when setting the Backup Rotation.

      Screenshot of advanced Options for WordPress install in Softaculous

      OPTIONAL: You can select a theme to be installed with WordPress other than the default WordPress theme and enter an email address to which install details will be sent.

    9. Click the Install button to start the installation, this may take a few minutes.
      Screenshot of the install button and themes in Softaculous for Worpress


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