Plus addressing is a great way to help filter your email, before they are even sent. Everything you sign up for takes your email address and blasts you with a ton of mostly unwanted advertisements. Giving the signup form a + address allows you to say right then and there, where that message goes, once it hits your inbox.


Step 1 – Setting up + filters

Check out this article for Setting up filters in Gmail

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To start We need to setup filters in our email account. This is done a variety of ways depending on what e-mail setup you are using. This works well with gmail and cpanel email setups.

When setting up your filters, you want to keep in mind how you want to organize things. Lets start with 3 categories and go from there.

Category 1 =   +file  –> Goes to archive

Category 2 =   +important –> Goes to important folder

Category 3 =   +store –> Goes to ads folder or trash

Step 2 – Use the plus address

Now that we have the categories set with our filters, we can start giving out our plus addresses. My email address will be Mailtester@subversive-tech for this demonstration.

Example 1 – I am signing up for a credit card at a big box store and they collect my e-mail address. Instead of giving them, I would give them my plus address which would be:

Now when they send me an email, my filters will catch this and put it in the ads folder, so they are not cluttering up my inbox. This does not work on all mail systems but the majority will access this format.You can create as many of these addresses as you want, the caveat with this method, is that some places will not allow you to use + addresses when signing up digitally.



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