Security & Server Check-up

Weekly: $9.99/month

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Monthly: $4.99/month

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A server check-up is a process that we go through to ensure that your server is running at optimal levels. We dig in and check your server configurations to ensure you are running the best possible configuration for performance, security, and stability.

We want to make sure that you are aware of what is going on within your server, so we go Log diving to uncover any unknown issues on the server and bring them to your attention.  We look for things like mail issues, load spikes, hardware issues, coding issues, update issues, backup issues and so much more!

Security is a must, so we run a scan to check for any malicious files on your file system. We provide you the results in your check-up report and quarantine the malicious files on request.

Notification Management

$4.99/month 4GB storage

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If you are sick of server notifications cluttering up your inbox, then our notifications management is right for you. You set your server to send your notifications to our address and we take care of checking those notifications to ensure your server is running optimally. If action is required, we will notify you immediately and let you know what needs to be done and provide you with a quote for the repairs or needed maintenance.

If you prefer immediate action, you can set a pre-approved amount of time for us to take action with. For instance, if we find out that your server is having mail issues, you have your pre-approval set to 30 minutes.  We will take immediate action on the issue and provide you with a bill of the time used. If the server needs more than 30 minutes worth of work, we will notify you and wait for approval before performing any work.

Managed Backups

Starting at $10 per month!

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Our backup system is custom configured for your needs. Our backup system has built-in monitoring to let us know if a backup fails for any reason. We can backup everything or only things that you choose. Our backups are all remote but we can also maintain local backups or 3rd party backup systems on your server. With our 100G plan starting at only $10 a month, you can make sure your data is safe in its remote location. Also, add geographical redundancy to your backups by keeping copies in up to 10 locations around the world.