Our fully managed monitoring solution, not only provides a watchful eye, but it also provides a response team to make sure you get back online as quickly as possible. If we detect a service down, we will take action to correct the issue on your server. We do what we can to correct the issue as quickly as possible. The first 15 minutes of troubleshooting is free in order to get the service back online. If further work is needed to make sure that it does not happen again you can authorize us to take a certain amount of time to investigate or we will request authorization if no extra time is set. Just keep your server credentials up to date in our system so we can access your server, and we make sure things are always available.

Monitored Services:.


Disk - RAM - CPU - IO


You will only receive notifications when something fails. If we have to take action to bring the service back online, you will also receive a summary of what was done and/or what will be needed to ensure stability. At times, we may request authorization if any extra work needs to be done to ensure the stability of your server.

Investigation Time Limit

The investigation time limit allows you to tell us how much time we can spend troubleshooting an outage before we contact you for further authorization. When requesting further authorization, we will send you the information that we have gathered in our initial investigation. We will provide a summary of the work we have done, and the work we feel is necessary to make sure this problem does not happen again. Our admins are able to correct issues in under 15 minutes 95% of the time. .

24/7 Monitoring Admins

Our trained and experienced admins are watching everything 24/7/365 so you don't have too. Our admins are ready and able to react to outages, quickly to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Our admins will communicate with your promptly and professionaly everytime!


Per Month for each server


Free Setup on your server

Server monitoring for vital services:


Server Monitoring on system stats

Disk Space, Memory, CPU, Load

Unlimited investigation for outages

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Add Full Management for Just $50.00 More!

Want Full management of your server? Add it to Our Fully Managed Monitoring service, For Just $50.00 More! Full Management, Combined with our Fully Managed Monitoring, Provides you with full peace of mind that any issue your server may throw at you can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Like it was never even an issue!

Have a Hypervisor/Virtual Machine Parent? Want to have bulk support and monitoring?  Please Contact us for a quote on discounted pricing!



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Some Of What We Cover:

  • Downtime Investigation
  • PHP & MySQL upgrades
  • PHP extension Installations
  • Apache, Nginx, Squid
  • MySQL/MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL Single & Cluster
  • Varnish, Memcache/D, REDIS
  • cPanel, CWP/Centos Web Panel, ODIN/Plesk, Webmin
  • ProxMox, VMWare, Virtualmin, ESXi
  • Backup Issue investigation
  • General Site troubleshooting
  • General and Advanced server issue troubleshooting
  • And So Much More!



Contact Options:

We are available 24/7 365 Holidays included!

Ticket/Email: Included!

Chat: Included!

Phone: Add $20.00 Per month



Have just a simple LAMP Stack VPS server, and want a Control Panel to provide more functionality and ease of use? We can help!


From cPanel and CWP to Plesk and Webmin, We can match you with the perfect Server control panel to meet your budget and needs!

(Prices listed when included with Fully Managed Monitoring With Fully Managed Support)

Price Per Month:

cPanel VPS: $10.00

cPanel Dedicated: $30.00

CWP PRO: $1.00

Plesk: $10.00 - $30.00

Webmin: $0.00



Site Monitoring


Our monitoring service also has the ability to monitor your site. Unlike most other services, we do not just ping your server, Our service pulls and then evaluates your site, looking for certain select words. With this process, we eliminate false positives due to Ping prioritization, And, will also alert if the server is up, but there is a true issue with your site such as white page errors due to plugin/theme issues.

If your site does go down, we will immediately alert you, and investigate as necessary.


Just $2.00 additional per site per month.

+$3.00 per site per month for automatic investigation & simple repair (Major CMS's Only)


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