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Hosting support these days, just is not reliable. Work with our system administrators to troubleshoot server issues, get things installed, keep things up to date, migrate data and more. We can manage and support your server, no matter where you are hosting. If you are paying to much for bad support, we can provide you world class support and get you moved over to a more affordable hosting solution. Don't pay expensive hosting prices for sub-par support, With us, you only pay for support when you need it!

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We offer a wide array of services to help you and your business flourish on the tech side. Take a look at our Monthly Services to see how we can assist with things like Backups, Server and Site monitoring, server troubleshooting and support. If you are looking for a specific fix, like Hacked site cleanup, installation you might find what your looking for on the Support page!


Don't see what you need? Open a ticket or Chat with us from the lower right corner of the site and we would be glad to help!

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Now that you are all signed up, you have your support hours and are ready to open a ticket. Open a ticket through your https://subversivesupport.com control panel or Click here to Open a ticket. Let us know what you need and we will let you know how long we think it will take and you can decide if you want to proceed with the task! The more descriptive you are about your issue, the better and faster we will be able to identify and solve the problem.

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Our secure ticketing system is our main channel of support. You can open tickets from your control panel to get help with a wide variety of server and website issues. Open a ticket to get a free consultation for your issue, we then will give you an estimate and you can decide whether or not to proceed.

With tools like our secure transfer for sensaitve data, we make it easy to relay credentials and other sensitive information safely. Access and review all your tickets any time in your control panel.


Click here to open a ticket and work with us now!


Need help quick? Access our chat channel from your control panel to be instantly connected to one of our admins for quick support. In order to qualify for support in chats, you need to have time  in your bank. You can add up to 50 hours to your bank at any time. Our chats allow us to discuss your project and answer quick questions or triage an urgent issue.  Hourly rates are charge for the time we are working on the sever, the initial consultation is not charged!

Talk with us live! We offer phone support at $85 per hour and can assist you 24/7. When you call we will authenticate and verify the account and then start the clock. If you do not have time on your account you will be required to add time to your account before we troubleshoot anything.

If you plan to use our phone support we suggest, to speed things up, add phone time in your control panel before the call. You can bank up to 50 hours of phone and support time.




How can we help?

  • Backups
  • Migrations
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • E-mail
  • DNS Management
  • Databases
  • Web Servers
  • Installations
  • Shell Scripting
  • Site Clone
  • Speed Optimization

 Don't get caught with out a backup!


Your data is important, and expensive,  so you need to protect it. Backups are one of the best ways to protect your data and ensure that you have a good copy of your data. Backups should be considered one of the most important parts of your digital infrastructure. With out backups, you may not be able to recover from a number of different situations, like a Hardware failure, accidental file deletion, failed site update and a hacked site.


Managed Backup Solution


Our managed backup solution allows you to choose the package that is right for your needs. Highly configurable scheduling and easy restore options, you can't go wrong with this remote backup solutions.


 Custom Backup Solutions


We can help you design a backup system that fits your needs and protects your data. We provide a remote backup solution that you can utilize, we can assist with setting up your solution, or we can write  a custom backup script so you get what you need and leave behind the rest. Work with our admins to make  a backup plan and put that plan to work.



Backup plans starting at $10/ per month!


Check out our Backup Management Packages

  As low as $.10/gig per month!

Dedicated Expert Migration Admins

When you move your data, you want to make sure that it is done securely and efficently. Migrating to a new system can present a number of obsticles, that we are prepared to idenify and correct. With your dedicated migration admin and a streamlined migration process, we make it easy to get things moved quick and concise.


Site Migrations

We provide single site migrations for the small businesses hosting their own site, or an individual that needs to host a site. From Custom coded sites, to platform built, we can get your data moved and running in usually 48 hours or less.


Full Server Migrations

We also provide full server migrations! These are more meant for small hosts or those that manage multiple sites. We can identify the dependancies, make sure everything is setup and configured correctly on the new server.  We will move all of your data and do some tests to make sure that your things are working before making the new server live.


Any Host to Any Host

We will migrate your data from any hosting company to any hosting company. As long as we are able to access the data needed to perform the migration, we don't care where it starts or where it ends. If you need any help finding a new host, let us know what you are looking for, we would be glad to help!


Migrations as low as $20!


Check out our Migration services!

Fully Managed Monitoring


With our Fully Managed Monitoring, We watch your server around the clock. If you have time in your bank, you can have us respond and log in to correct the issue that is causing the outage. We do what it takes to bring the server back to a stable state. We will then provide you a report and suggest any other solutions that may be needed, in order to ensure the issue does not happen again. With our Fully managed monitoring, we use a service uptime monitor as well as a server monitor that watch the servers CPU, memory Disk space, and process statistics that helps us to detect any issues with your server before they become a problem.


Self Managed Monitoring


We resell Monitis monitoring tools that you can view right through you subversive support portal. Keep an eye on things with a graph or list view. Get daily and weekly email updates providing you an overview of your servers stats. View you stats at any time and receive free support to get things setup.


Monitoring abilities


Monitor just about anything on your server. From uptime on your site to uptime on your services, monitor you page load times and your server resources for signs of strain. Check out our monitoring page to see the configuration you can put together to make sure that everything is online all the time.

Regular Security Scans


Keeping an eye on things will help minimize the effects, if there ever is an intrusion on your server. We can run daily, weekly, or month checkups on your server to ensure nothing has been breached and your systems are secure. Check out our monthly scanning Packages to keep your server safe.



Hacked Site Cleanup


If your site is hacked, you could possibly be infecting your visitiors with whatever malware was installed by the attacker. We will work to idenify the source of the attackers instrusion and attempt to fix the site through either cleaning, File replacement, or restores. Once we have gotten things cleaned up we will assist in getting the site up to date so that a repeat occurance never happens.



Mail Filtering and Scanning


Putting Spam experts in front of your email not only gets rid of the obnoxious spam, but adds a layer of securityto you incoming and outgoing mail. With virus scans on top of the spam filtering, you can rest assured your e-mail is protected. Spam experts also offers an e-mail backup solution toever lose any emails again! 



E-mail Services

Our admins are ready to help tackle an issue with your email that you may have. Having bounce back messages? Need to add more users? Need to find out why Timmy can't connect to the server? If it is e-mail related, We will more than happy to take a look and help you get back to business.,


E-mail Security

Work with our admins to ensure that your e-mail system is up to date and secure. Sign up for Spam experts to get incoming and out going spam protection as well as remote email backups to ensure that you never lose another message again. Don't want a monthly solution? We are experts working with spam assassin and can work with you to get it setup for maximum protection custom for your situation.


Spam Investigations

Do you suspect your server of sending out spam? Do you have a ton of mail sitting in the queue? Many servers are compromised specifically to use as a spamming source.  We can go through and identify the source of the spam and then work with you to correct the problem as well as your IP sending reputation.

DNS Setup


Having trouble getting your DNS figured out? Let us know what you need and we can set it up, or show you how. Our admins are well versed in how DNS work and what it takes to get it to work the way you need it to.



DNS Server Migrations


Moving to a new host? We can get everything moved to the new server and help you change the DNS to make things go live. Need help migrating a cluster? We can do that too!


The Database Server


The database is the brain of most sites. With the complicate working of the database server, getting things setup just right can be confusing and overwhelming. Our expert admins will make sure that your Mysql or postgress database server, is running optimally. We are ableto support Mysql with replication as well as mysql security. 



Recovery and Repair


There are many ways that a database can have problems and become corrupt. We are prepared to handle any SQL issue that you have. From restores to repairs we are able to handle the most difficult issues that you can throw at us.





We know database servers, let us have a peek and we can usually get your database server optimized for maximum capicity. We can take a look over all of the processes and suggest places for your developer to optimize the database to run even faster!



Database Backups


Databases hold the majority of your valuable data. Ensuring that your data is protected is keep to a quick recovery in the event of a crisis. Our backup system will backup everything or it will allow you to only backup your database. Work with us to setup a backup solution that protects you and your data!

Web Servers

Your Web Server is the system that works to serve your content to your viewers, Without it, all you have is a bunch of files and data stored on a server.  We can provide custom configuration options to make sure your Webserver is doing it's best. We support a wide variety of things related to your Web Server, such as Troubleshooting, optimization, htaccess rewrites, module installation, recompiling and more! Most common webserver are Apache and Litespeed.


Beef it up!

Add caching or reverse proxies, to help boost the power and speed of your website. We support varnish, nginx, 2 options that can be implemented to speed your server up 10 fold. Just say the word and we can have your server handling 10x the requests in no time. Don't spend money upgrading your server when we can make some tweaks to your software setup to make things run more efficiently.



When it is vital that your site is always online, a redundant webserver setup will make sure that your site is always available. We can help you design and implement a redundant system that will fit your needs. We can assist with configuring your webserver load balancing as well as the replication that will be needed to keep things in sync. 

Software Installations


Installations can be a headache! We can get most things installed on your linux server in under an hour, some even 15 minutes! work with our admins to get everything installed on your server so that everything will work properly.



Supported installs in under an hour!


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Java
  • FFmpeg
  • Varnish
  • Nginx
  • solr
  • imagemagick
  • ioncube
  • memcache
  • opcache
  • and more!

Custom Shell Scripting


If you have repetiive tasks that need to be handled on your server, you may want to create a script that you can run manually as needed or setup as a cron to run on a regular basis. This coulld include things like backups, account and vhost creation, Log rotation and so much more. Work with our admins to see if a customized script would be the best solution for your needs.



Quick Scripts


If you have something that you need to do on your server that is repetative or will take a lot of time, we may be able to speed things up with some quick scripts. We can help to automate tasks to them done 10x quicker. For instance, if you need to create a lot of cpanel accounts, we can use their api and some quick scripting to add hundreds of accounts in a few commands rather than a few hundred account setups.



Subv Guarantee


We will maintain your scripts and fix any issues with the script for the first year. Sometimes software on the server changes and alterations to your script may be neccesary to work properly with other software.

Dev Site Clone


When your developer needs to make changes to your site, it is best to create a development site that will not affect your live traffic.  If you make changes to your live site, you run the risk of breaking the site and causing complications for your users. Your developer can make their changes on the development site and then we can move the new site into place during off peak hours for your server.


Test Site Clone


A lot of sites today are built with different CMS', plugins, themes and modules. All of these things need to be kept up to date in order to keep your site secure. If you fear that the updates may cause problems on your site, we can create a test site. The test site is a clone of your site that we use as a testing ground for the updates. We perform the upgrades and if all goes well, we can perform the upgrades to your live server. If there are issues, we can work with you and your developer to correct the issues and move the site to the live server during off peak hours.




Slow Site?

If your site is running slow, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and conversions. We can analyze your site's performance and help to clear up the bottlenecks that are slowing down your site. We will handle the server side tweaks and let you know what a developer can do to make things even more efficient.  Talk with our admins today to see what can be done to speed up your server and your site.




There is a lot of different caching agents that can be implemented help to speed up your site. From Varnish to opcache, we can get things setup and working the way you need them to. Contact our admins to find out what would work best for you!


Learn More Here!

How's it work?

Open a Ticket

If you need our help, you can open a support ticket, from your control panel, to get a free consultation regarding your project or problem. When we receive your ticket, we will confirm that the task is something that we can support, if so, we will provide you an estimate of how much the project or repairs will cost. If troubleshooting is required, we will ask you how much time you would like us to spend troubleshooting your problem. 


Urgent Tickets

If you mark your ticket priority as urgent, it will be handled with priority, Your hourly rate will increase by $20/hour when your ticket has been marked urgent.This option is meant for critical type issues that need immediate attention, like a down server or website. If the ticket is opened as urgent, you will not receive an estimate. We will acknowledge the task and begin to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Receive an Estimate.

We will provide you with a written quote for what needs to be done and how long we think it will take. If we think it will take 2 hours, and we get it done in 1, you only pay for the 1 hour that was actually used. If we do not complete the work in the quoted amount of time, then you will not be charged for the remainder of the time it takes to finish things up. If you choose to accept the estimate, we will begin work asap. If your issue is an emergency, you can mark the ticket urgent to skip the estimate and get charged for the work that was needed. If you have any questions about the quote, feel free to let us know in your ticket.

Add Server Credentials

In order for us to work on your server, we need to be able to access it. You can add the server to your password manager anytime within your control panel. This is a safe and secure way to provide us credentials for servers that we may need to access more than once. You can also provide us with your credentials within the sensitive data box of the ticket response if you do not want to store the credentials. This data will be deleted when the ticket closes.

Add funds to your account

Adding time to your account is easy. If you already have time in your Bank then you don't need to worry and you can begin work. Simply log into your control panel and check out which hourly package is best for you!

Accept your Quote!

If you have time in your bank and a server in your account, then you are ready to accept the quote. Simply reply to the ticket and let us know you would like us to begin the work or schedule the work for a specific time by giving us a time and date you would like the work to be done. We can typically begin work within 60 minutes of receiving your acceptance response in the ticket but if downtime is involved, then we suggest scheduling for an off-peak time. Once we are ready to begin work, we will respond to the ticket and let you know that we are moving forward.

Keep an eye on your e-mail

During the time the work is being done, we ask that you keep an eye on your email in case we need to communicate with you. It is possible we may run into unforeseen obstacles and we may need input from you before we can proceed. If we need input from you, the clock stops and we communicate with you before proceeding.

Tips for keeping it Fast and Cheap!

The more information you provide us about your issue, the faster we will be able to resolve it. If you tell us your "e-mail is not working", its going to take some investigation to figure out what is broken, where if you tell us " I am having trouble sending mail on domain.com and I am getting this error...." , we can get right down to fixing the problem.

Make sure to update your password manager with any credentials that will be needed within the ticket!

Keeping time in your bank allows you to open tickets faster get a faster resolution. Bank up to 50 hours on your account!

If you use our support regularly, you can buy hours monthly or in bulk to save money on our hourly rates! The more you buy the more your save!