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Are you starting your own hosting company or already run one? Need help clearing that backlog of tickets? Do you need flexible on-call phone support? Our Red Hat certified technicians are here 24/7 Holidays & Weekends included, Ready to assist your customers with expert Support. With OneLabel Support from SubversiveTech, We take care of your support load, as either us or you!

Our team of trained, US Based technical support admins is ready to seamlessly take on your customers' tasks and get them completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With options to either show us as your support team Or we can work as you and your team, fully branded to you.

With our Fully Managed Monitoring service, Which is included for up to 3 servers to start with any OneLabel service package, We are alerted the second your server starts having any issues. With this, we are able to start to resolve the issue before your customers start noticing!

With our Whitelabel support services, we are able to fully mascarade as you, working within your ticket queues, and sending emails just as your technicians appear to your customer. Please see below, and contact us for more information!

Ticket Support

Get the best technical support you have ever seen!  We are a 100% US Based Company, a Proud Michigan Company!, always ready to tackle your customers' issues.

With OneLabel Support, T1 & T2 support is covered by ticket support. Either pay per ticket or buy tickets in bulk, As low as $7.00 Per ticket!

Chat Support

Want to provide a fast and efficient way to your customers to get support? Chat is the best of both Phone and Ticket support!

Live interaction, and documentation of all conversations for easy review & Investigation of customer issues.

Chats are also the fastest avenue of support, As low as a 50 second Service Level Agreement!

Chat support is provided at a per 5-Minute rate, Or in packages And No Monthly Fee!

Phone Support

Need On call Phone Support? Want a dedicated phone number for your customers? *8xx/Toll Free Number? We can help!

We are able to provision phone numbers to our phone system, Allowing your customers to call in with issues.

Have a Service Level Agreement to meet? We can work with you to make sure the mark is always hit, and then provide Top-Notch 100% US-based Technical Support to your customers.

Phone support is available for a per minute cost, and Monthly fee


Show our badge on your site letting everyone know who your support is provided by!

Our Current Badges:


Need Our Badge custom color coded to your site, Let your dedicated salesperson know, and our in-house designer will craft our logo to fit your site!


What this badge shows your customers:

  • You support US Based Employment
  • You want Red Hat Certified technicians working on issues
  • You want issues solved quickly and efficiently and with the highest quality
  • You want the best support in the industry for your servers
  • Your downtime will be as minimal as possible, and when an issue arises, someone is already looking into it


T1 Level Support
T2 Level Support
Escalations Support
On-Site Support
Remote Desktop Support
T1 Level Support

T1 level support is the First Line of support for customers. Our T1 Technicians can support:

-General cPanel/Plesk Questions & Customer support


-cPanel & Plesk errors


-WordPress & other CMS errors/issues


-WordPress Site Optimizations


-Basic Site Software Assistance


-Basic .htaccess troubleshooting


-Sales & Billing Assistance on your own system (additional Monthly cost)



T2 Level Support


For more advanced issues, and troubleshooting, Software installation, and configuration! Our T2 technicians are trained and experienced in a wide range of issues.


-Limited Remote Assistance

-Site errors

-Non-Control Panel LAMP Stack assistance

          -Manual Apache Vhost creation
          -PHP Version Installations

-Security Investigation

-Server optimizations

-MySQL Investigation

-Server Software installations

-Web server configuration

-MailServer Configuration
-And More!

Escalations Support

This tier, is the highest tier of support, For those more advanced issues, including but not limited to topics such as:

-Network Infrastructure

-Networking Troubleshooting
-Network setup

-Virtualization & Cloud Support

-And More!

-Provisioning Systems

-And More!

-Web server Routing Configurations

-Varnish VCL
-Nginx Virtual hosts
-Squid Proxy
-And More!


On-Site Support

Yes, we can come to you to!

Need in-office help? Have a large number of servers that need to be decommissioned? Hardware updates?

We can help with a wide variety of tasks when on site. Just let us know what you need, and we can put together a quote!


Remote Desktop Support
Need support directly on your computer? Items such as: - Email Client issues - Viewing client-specific issues - Non-technical help - And more Can be supported easier for clients when support technicians are able to assist your customers directly while they are on their computer. When a technician can get access and see exactly what the client sees and can walk them through issues directly, and adjust settings as necessary. Clients also have the ability to see exactly what needs to be done, instead of trying to replicate a set of spoken or text steps to solve an issue.

Service Level Agreement

All Plans include a 2 Hour SLA response time! If we take longer than 2 hours to get the first response out, That ticket is free of charge!

Need faster than a 2-hour response? Let us know in your quotation request, and we can accommodate with a quote including Priority queue access! As fast a 5 Minute SLA response time!

The first response time starts the minute our technician begins reviewing your ticket and investigating.

Additional Services

Want to easily offer CDN bandwidth, SSL Certificates, Fully Managed Backups services, and other IT services to your customers, and still get a commission from the sale?

We can do it!

All resold services have a percentage of the sale price. The more customers you have, The lower your cost, the more commission made! Your customer lets us know what they need, And we take care of the rest!

More Information

Interested in learning more? Please either fill out the form below Or open up a Chat, Or shoot us an Email!

We have no pressure during our quote and onboarding process, If you let us know what you need, we can get you a complete quote! No long back and fourth necessary!


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