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We all know servers talk...a lot, and a  ton of what they send is just junk notifications; such as a backup completed, or cron notifications. Within that mix, there can be some extremely important ones. Getting disk notifications, load notifications, Security notifications and the like are important and indicative of upcoming issues that need to be dealt with ASAP. Unfortunately time after time we have seen issues crop up and break things for people because the notification either went to spam or was ignored because it was misunderstood.

With our  Notification management , We will help you configure all of your server notifications to come to our system, so we can manage them for you. The notifications will be reviewed by our expert admins to determine if the notification has any merit to it. Once we receive a notification that needs attention, we will put together a summary including an action plan, and alert you!

Some people  still want to receive the notifications too, that is no problem, we can setup a forwarder to send the notifications to our system, then you will have an extra pair of eyes on each notification.

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