All hacked up? We can help clean it up!

WebHost suspend your site? homepage wrong or redirecting some visitors to other malicious sites? Sending Spam? We can help!

In online business, time is of the essence when your site is down. Every minute is a possible lost sale. If your site is hacked, how much are you losing?

We will start by running malware scans, and reviewing any available server logs in an attempt to identify the point of intrusion. We will also run a version check to identify any out of date software on your site and assist with updating everything as needed. A security check on the plugins and themes is a must to ensure the threat will not be returning. During our investigation, we will also be looking for things that would better secure your site. We will work to make sure that you are no longer vulnerable and you understand how to stay that way.

We will even scan your servers ip address and attempt removal from RBL's (Remote Block Lists), and will work with your web host to have them unsuspend your site!

If no backups are available, we will attempt to clean or restore any affected files from various cached sources, when available. There is no guarantee that a hacked site can be 100% restored without a backup, and may need development services to rebuild from scratch. If we cannot repair your site, we will refund your money up to the refund percentage as stated in your quote.

Having your site hacked is a hassle as it is, nonetheless the hassle of trying to get it fixed by your hosting support. Never fear, we are always here!

With the Emergency turnaround time, we can get your site fixed right up in under 2 hours if you have a backup. Otherwise, we will attempt to salvage what is left, and make sure it is malware free!



Emergency Cleanup Price:


Under 2 Hour Turnaround

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Non-Emergency Cleanup Price:


Under 24 Hour Turnaround

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