Can you make a cup of coffee in the time it takes your site to load? Running slow? Not taking on as many connections as it should? We can help!

                         Take your site from zero to hero!

With the choice of a one-time full site optimization, Or an ongoing subscription which includes CDN services!

Our skilled technicians will first run tests on your site to see what its current performance is and review the results of those tests to put together a report for you. We will then put together a list of improvements that we can implement. Once we have your approval, we will make all the necessary adjustments. Once implemented, we will run the benchmark tests again and compare.

Usual improvements we implement:

PHP-FPM check and implement if possible

PHP Opcache

Website Caching + caching plugin setup

Lossless image optimization

.htaccess adjustments

Expires headers, and Browser caching implementation

CDN Configuration

And More!

If we find that your site is already as fast as we could make it, you get a FULL refund! There is nothing to lose!

One time Optimization Price:

Just $24.99 Per Site

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