SSL certificates encrypt the traffic between your server and your customers. This traffic can include credit card information, usernames and passwords, and any other critical information that your site receives or sends.

There are Multiple types of SSL certificates:
  • Free LetsEncrypt/AutoSSL certificates
  • Domain Validation DV SSL
  • Organization Validation OV SSL
  • Extended Validation EV SSL


At their base, They all do the same thing…Encrypt traffic. The differences between them is what causes the wide range in prices.

For Free SSL certificates, and DV SSL’s, The only checks run by the Certificate Authority, or CA, Is that the domain is controlled by the person that is generating the order.

OV and EV SSL certificates have many more checks run. These checks make sure that the SSL is issued to the person controlling the domain, and can prove they have a legitimate business by providing the CA with articles of organization, Authorizations over the phone to the main phone number, paperwork, and more. These certificates generally take a few days or so before they are fully issued. These may also include a warranty against the breakage of the encoding, or similar.


What is recommended for you?

It can get confusing seeing all of the different SSL certificates out there, and then knowing which one you should get for your site. Below are our suggestions:

If your site is a simple blog or HTML based site, or one that doesn’t take in important identifying information from a customer, You should be 100% fine with a free SSL.from LetsEncrypt, or AutoSSL from cPanel.

If your site does take in identifying information, Or payment data, It is advised to purchase an SSL from a vendor. These are usually requested by payment gateways, and for PCI  compliance. These will provide a secure lock in most major browsers, And also usually include a Warranty against SSL breakage.

If you would like to give your customers and vendors the highest trust that they are on your site, and not on a possible phishing page, then an EV SSL may be right for you. This SSL certificate gives the green bar in all of the major browsers, and shows your registered company name and allows the visitor to view the company information for verification. See below for an example

SubversiveTech EV SSL with Green Bar

If your site does not currently have an SSL, In the upcoming version of Chrome, all non-https sites will display a warning of it not being secure. Facebook and other social media will display warnings upon someone attempting to share links.

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