DataCenter Monitoring - By SubversiveTech


The perfect custom solution for monitoring large numbers of servers in-house or within a DataCenter.


-Either Colo, or fully owned, we can watch your, Or your customers' servers, 24/7 365, Holidays included

We watch servers remotely, and if necessary, can provide a dedicated IN-DC technician to provide reboot assistance as needed, Or we can source remote reboot switches for secure hands-off reboots.


Providing a full monitoring cluster, fully tailored to your setup and number of servers monitored, and a shared or fully dedicated monitoring team we can make sure your servers are always being watched, and issues proactively fixed.


The perfect Web Host solution For Monitoring 500 or more dedicated or VPS servers per month


Monitoring Large numbers Or Colocated equipment


1 Minute monitoring checks


Fully dedicated + Fully Managed onsite monitoring cluster



Starting at  $15,499 USD Per month for Up to 500 servers (Dedicated or VPS) Or Network Equipment 

Bulk discounts for over 500 servers

We can customize our packages, and monitoring options to meet your needs!


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The perfect Corporate solution For Monitoring 500-1000 dedicated/VPS servers or more per month


Monitoring Large numbers of Mission-critical equipment


30-second monitoring checks (less if necessary/system capable)

Fully dedicated + Fully Managed onsite monitoring cluster



Starting at  $25,000 USD Per month for 500 servers (Dedicated or VPS) or Networking equipment





Additional Equiptment Monitoring

We have the ability to remotely monitor Cooling equipment, Networking equipment, Temperature, and more!


Need more than servers monitored? Let us know and we can create a custom package perfect for your setup!

Remote Temperature Control

DC get fevers? We can help!


Occasional high temperatures within a data center will shorten equipment lifespan, cause higher disk errors, and many other issues. We have the ability to monitor when your data center gets to warm, and remotely turn on cooling devices within that warm area to cool temperatures off.


This method reduces energy cost, as running cooling devices constantly uses electricity. By turning on the extra cooling only when it's needed, you save!


From remote control fan clusters to full-blown room air conditioners, we can craft your DC the perfect cooling solution. Contact us for more info!


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