How to securely add a server or security credentials to your Subversive Support account

In order for us to be able to work on your server, we need to have the credentials to log in. We utilize a secure password management system to store any credentials that you want to leave on file. This makes things much quicker when you submit a ticket for support. You can set permissions on the passwords so we can only see them when you want us to. You can add as many servers and remove them whenever you want from your Subversive Tech Control Panel.

To get started, Log in to your Control Panel at Once you are logged in you will go up to your name on the right side and choose the password manager:

1. Click the account menu to expand
2. Choose the password manager

Login diagram

Our Interface is pretty simple but here is a diagram to show you where everything is at:

Password Manager Diagram

To setup a new password, choose the add new button in the bottom left hand corner. Fill in the information for the server or site you are providing the crednetials for. Use the note section to add things like special login intructions like poorts or keys.

Add a new password!

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