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Out of date/End of Life Software

Outdated software can leave you vulnerable. If we are working with out of date software, we can not guarantee that your server will be secure or work properly. We strongly urge you to keep things up to date so that your data remains safe and secure. We can assist with getting everything up to date, though it may require assistance from a developer to make your code compatible with newer versions.


All request must be created within your SubversiveTech support panel. This is so that all requests are authenticated. We do not accept passwords within tickets as sending passwords through email is not secure.

Ticket Support

Tickets must be opened from within your subversive support portal. This provides authentication for the ticket to protect your account. Once the ticket has been opened you can communicate to the ticket via e-mail.


We do not support website coding/development. We can assist in the troubleshooting process, but we are not developers. We can assist you with attempting to pinpoint the trouble code but we do not write code the code to fix it. We can work with your developer and show them what we find in our investigation so that they can correct the code.



Unfortunately, There are some things that we can just not fix, such as failed hardware. It is always recommended to keep both local, and remote backups, and to take them before requesting any work that involves major changes.   We will work with you in every way possible to make sure your data is safe and backed up, but if declined, and you are without backups, We will not be held liable for any lost data, that stems from any possible reason.



We will not be responsible for any downtime caused by any reason. We work to keep downtime as short as possible. During service restarts, reboots, etc, services will be offline. There is also a multitude of other reasons that downtime may occur. We will attempt to alert you to any downtime that may occur from our actions, and if necessary, we can schedule such actions.


Fully Managed Monitoring

Our fully managed monitoring will monitor the following services on your web server PING, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, CPU usage, Ram usage and disk usage. The 15 minutes start when we enter the server and begin resolution. If we do not have access to the server we will send you a notification about the issue and request for you to update your credentials. If further work is required beyond the 15-minute marker, we will provide a quote for any updates or work that may need to be done on the server to rectify the situation. If you refuse recommended changes and the server has continuous issues, your services may be suspended with no refunds for the current month.


All cancellations, of any services, must be submitted in writing in a ticket in your SubversiveTech support panel.


Late Fees

A 10% late fee may be applied for any past due invoices. If an invoice is not paid within 14 days of the due date, all services will be suspended for 14 more days. If the bill is not paid within 28 days, the account will be terminated and all data related to the account will be discarded and the balance will be forwarded to a collection agency.


Scripts & Coding

Any script that is written by any SubversiveTech employee for a client, will become the property of SubversiveTech to be used as we see fit. Any script that is provided by SubversiveTech is only a lease of such script and will be supported only for the length of support as stated in the order. The scripts may not be modified, transferred, sold, given away, repackaged, etc.



Any non-payment of any invoice is subject to placement with a collections agency or pursuit in a court of law. You will be responsible for ALL court costs, fees, etc related to collecting the debt incurred.



Changes and Addendum

SubversiveTech reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time.