Getting hacked is a nerve-wracking experience! The first thing to do is make sure to run a backup. Even though the site is hacked,  there may still be usable data to rebuild from. Make sure to save this backup locally, or off-server is possible. We have seen numerous instances where after some time the hacker will just delete all of the data.

The next step is to get in contact your point of contact for site issues, usually either your host Or developer. If you are the developer, and your host does not provide support, unfortunately, you would usually be alone in the instances, and it would be up to you to fix this.

Never fear,  is here!

With our support, you never need to worry! You can contact us anytime and we can run checks to make sure everything appears to be alright. If we see any abnormalities, we will immediately let you know! If you are not currently part of our family, We would be happy to take a look, and fix if needed! Just Open a ticket for a quote and investigation!



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