Backups are protection, from any and all disasters. If you don’t have backups of your data, it could be gone in an instant. All that time and money that you have poured into your work, gone. A lot of people say, “oh, that will never happen to me, my stuff is in the cloud. I don’t need to waste money on backups.” They couldn’t be more wrong!

People seem to think that the cloud is this magical place where nothing can go wrong. The cloud is made up of a large number of machines that could fail at any moment in a multitude of different ways. If you don’t have backups, everything could be toast and if you don’t have backups, you likely no longer have any data either.

Backups are the number 1 way to make sure that your data is safe and protected from loss. They are most effective when they are remote because when they are on the same server as your website, they could become useless in the event of a hardware failure or server root level compromise. A secondary drive would help to protect against hardware failure, but you would still be vulnerable to attackers corrupting or removing them altogether from your system.

People often ask, “How often should I be backing up my site?” That really depends on how often your site changes. If your site is constantly changing adding new posts, products or maintaining customer data, you may want to run a daily backup schedule. If your site is fairly static, and your site only gets updates every so often, you can run a monthly backup schedule and backup manually when you make changes. Our admins can help you determine a good backup schedule for your needs.

Backup redundancy is also key to ensuring that you are protected. Keeping backups in multiple locations helps to protect against natural disasters that might wipe out the data center that your site is hosted in or even one of the backup server locations.  Tornadoes, earthquakes, or even floods.  We offer up to 10 backup locations for you to back up to, all over the world. Our backup solution is fully managed and monitored to make sure your data is backed up properly.

Here is a list of things that backups help protect you against.

  • Natural Disaster
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Raid Failure
  • Hackers
  • Failed Updates
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Human Error
  • Data Corruption


Unfortunately, you can never know when disaster will strike. Let us shield you and your data from catastrophe!