Thank you for stopping by to check us out! We are a real, U.S. based Linux System Administrator team, ready to help out when ever you need us. We offer a wide variety of services to assist you and your business on the server side of things. We are prepared to offer you the best support in the industry, no matter where you are hosted. If you have any questions about our services, please open a ticket and we will be glad to help in every way we can!

What can we do for you?



Getting caught without backups can be devastating. We will work wth you to come up with a custom solution that protects your server and office data.



Our monitoring service, will alert our support team when your server is having a problem. If you have support hours, with us, we will take swift action to resolve any issues and ensure your server is available!


Moving to a new server can be a very involved and confusing process. Let us take over and we will get you or your customers data moved and setup on a new server.



Got a problem you just can’t solve? An error that just won’t go away? Our experts will work to pinpoint your problem and provide a solution fast!


Support by us, Sales, design and provider choice by you! Show our badge on your site letting everyone know who your support is provided by. Our badge shows your customers they will get Top Notch Support. Fully Managed Monitoring included with your service!


Shell Scripting

Work with our RHCSA and RHCSE admins to create a shell script to fit your needs. Specializing in Bash and Perl scripts to assist with your servers automation.

High availabilty

High availability solutions can be designed to handle your businesses expanding traffic. We can help setup and manage, redundant server clusters, to fit your needs.


Site Optimization

Site running a bit slow? Let us take a look at things and we can help you get things up to speed. Featuring caching review, MySQL server optmization and more!

How we do it!

From individual services, To fully customized bundles, we can do it all! Just let us know what you need, and we can get you a quote. We are always happy to discuss your needs via Chat, Phone, Or Email!

Monthly Subscription

Our monthly packages bundle the services that are important to having an online presence. Backups to protect your data, monitoring to make sure you are online 100% of the time, and our support services to make sure your problems are fixed quickly! Choose our fully managed monthly package that best fits your needs.

Custom Quote

Have a few things that need to be done that need more than a ticket? Development, broken code, custom sites, configurations? We can take a look at your needs and provide a custom quote to get your server needs taken care of. We can work on finding a trusted developer or specialist to get what you need. Please see the Custom Quotes page for further details!

Pay Per Hour

Great way to go if you only need things done from time to time, Or for things not covered under our monthly packages. You can use pay per hour for things such as troubleshooting difficult issues, advanced installations, security checks and more! Buy hours in bulk and bank them for when you need them. Choose a monthly package to help lower the cost of our hourly support.